2008-08-22 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the ref file
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp fix bug 2826
2008-08-22 Sylvestre Ledru New ref file
2008-08-22 Jean-baptiste... Add non reg test for bug 2918.
2008-08-22 Jean-baptiste... Add compatibility for tabulated dot marks of size 0...
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Only display filename to avoid display differences
2008-08-22 Serge Steer slight improvments
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp fix bug_768.tst
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Sort files so that loading order is always the same
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp delete a debugging garbage...
2008-08-22 Jean-baptiste... Speed up xarcs (only one draw by call).
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Update ref because head_comments now uses Scilab pseudo...
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Add "function" keyword to the displayed string
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp bug_1469.tst: not fixed
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Back to initial messages...
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3370 fixed
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet bug 1948 (add example contourf)
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet endfunction
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet path
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3363 fixed
2008-08-22 Sylvestre Koumar Scilab printing :
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp fix bug_205.tst (update ref + typo)
2008-08-22 Pierre Marechal then; pause;end is now allowed
2008-08-22 Pierre Marechal Fix references
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp fix bug_577.tst (compatibility_functions)
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3364 fixed
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet bug 2178
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp update ref (tst changed at r26122)
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3361 fixed.
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet fix wrong cast
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3373 fixed: wrong message in checkrhs
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp update ref file (tst file changed at rev 26550)
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp typo
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3389 fixed
2008-08-22 Sylvestre Ledru bug in the detection of pvm
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3171 is now fixed
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet bug 3305
2008-08-22 Sylvestre Koumar Scilab printing :
2008-08-22 Pierre Marechal Clean the code
2008-08-22 Jean-baptiste... Drawing of a very large set of polylines does not hang...
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert revert because does not compile under Windows
2008-08-22 Simon Lipp 64 bits doesn't imply athlon64 nor 3dnow (thanks Simone)
2008-08-22 Vincent Couvert Use delete to free memory allocated by new
2008-08-22 Allan Cornet add demos
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert Add missing properties
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert Docbook compatibility
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert More information about uimenus uicontrols (handles...
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert uicontrols and uimenus are now saved
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp typo
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert uicontrols can now be saved and loaded like other graph...
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert Comment modified
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert String property does not exist...replaced by Label
2008-08-21 Pierre Marechal Add mixing_axes reference
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp bug 3384 (thanks tonio ;))
2008-08-21 Allan Cornet bug 3352
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert uimenus can now be saved and loaded likeother graphic...
2008-08-21 Pierre Marechal Enable demos
2008-08-21 Pierre Marechal Make the tests compatible with non-english languages
2008-08-21 Jean-baptiste... Add non reg test for bug 2951.
2008-08-21 Jean-baptiste... Speed up graypolarplot plot stage 2/2.
2008-08-21 Pierre Marechal Make the test compatible with non-english languages
2008-08-21 Allan Cornet defines int32_t uint32_t (windows)
2008-08-21 Pierre Marechal Reintroduce simulation demonstration
2008-08-21 Allan Cornet stdint.h not defined on windows
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp Don't include stdint.h in machine.h
2008-08-21 Sylvestre Ledru include missing
2008-08-21 Jean-baptiste... - Speed up graypolarplot plot by using a single surface...
2008-08-21 Simone Mannori bugfix for superblock names that contains spaces and...
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert Bug 2965 fixed
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp don't display warnings in bessel* tests
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp typo
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp (core) bug_3311.tst: add NOT FIXED
2008-08-21 Sylvestre Ledru Only install localization file when the appropriate...
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp don't use stack before its initialization
2008-08-21 Sylvestre Ledru Take the first path to docbook
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp filio module assume sizeof(long) == 4 so replace long...
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp Clean ugly cast in sci_getdate.c
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp From STRCMP(3):
2008-08-21 Simon Lipp fix a bug in sound module when sizeof(long) = 8
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert add_profile --> add_profiling
2008-08-21 Vincent Couvert Change link
2008-08-21 Allan Cornet bug 2976 (Thanks S. Lipp)
2008-08-20 Allan Cornet updates path
2008-08-20 Vincent Couvert Bug 3374 and 3336 fixed
2008-08-20 Pierre Marechal Reintroduce simulation directory
2008-08-20 Serge Steer demos revisited
2008-08-20 Sylvestre Ledru Do not ship it... this should be generated
2008-08-20 Sylvestre Ledru rebuild also libtool when not found
2008-08-20 Sylvestre Ledru Only call the target when SWIG is enabled
2008-08-20 Jean-baptiste... Fix incorrect visibility of longdraw. Must be always...
2008-08-20 Serge Steer bug 3372 fixed
2008-08-20 Vincent Couvert Bug 3340 fixed
2008-08-20 Vincent Couvert Replace xbasc by clf
2008-08-20 Jean-baptiste... clf.sci('reset') no longer destroy the graphic handle...
2008-08-20 Pierre Marechal Do not display warnings
2008-08-20 Vincent Couvert Docbook compatibility + change link
2008-08-20 Simon Lipp Documentation for tbx_* (not complete)
2008-08-20 Pierre Marechal Add bug_3323 reference
2008-08-20 Jean-baptiste... Fix bug 3366.
2008-08-20 Sylvestre Ledru English