2005-04-04 Scilab This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 3.1-rc1
2005-04-04 Pierre Marechal Update for the 3.1-rc1 version
2005-04-04 Jean-philippe... cleaning the ....
2005-04-04 Allan Cornet missing "succeed" var. in xset colormap call
2005-04-04 Jean-philippe... ifndef added ... TRUE and FALSE are everywhere ls!
2005-04-04 Fabrice Leray fix check_xy prototype
2005-04-04 Allan Cornet Add mans for TCL
2005-04-04 Fabrice Leray fix out of bounds ZRect[4] and ZRect[5] replaced by...
2005-04-04 Jean-philippe... cleaning pig programmers
2005-04-04 Jean-philippe... bug
2005-04-04 Allan Cornet SCIHOME for linux /home/<USER>/.Scilab/<SCILABVERSION>
2005-04-04 Allan Cornet Correction Compilation Release include tcl path
2005-04-03 Francois Vogel Scipad 4.1 : Bindings (hopefully) corrected for some...
2005-04-03 Francois Vogel Request 106 fixed - Scrolling with the mouse wheel...
2005-04-03 Allan Cornet remove "home" replaced by "SCIHOME"
2005-04-03 Allan Cornet Corrections pour fonctionnement sous Windows 9x
2005-04-03 Allan Cornet force SCI au format unix (pour windows pour compatibilit´┐Ż)
2005-04-03 Allan Cornet Correction behavior setenv on Windows & linux
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet Correction pour cohabitation avec version precedente...
2005-04-02 Serge Steer to force old_style off at the end of the demo
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet update man sethomedirectory
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet Correction SCIHOME
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet Correction Scilab Home Directory
2005-04-02 Fabrice Leray ProperySpec -> GlobalProperty
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet Correction erreur pointeur incoherence :( modname...
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet Correction file's association for scicos (activate...
2005-04-02 Allan Cornet cleaning variables
2005-04-01 Francois Vogel Bug 902 fixed - no more reset of the fontsize upon...
2005-04-01 Allan Cornet bug 1132
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray fix bad function prototype
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray add an output arg to colormap function in peri* to...
2005-04-01 Ramine Nikoukhah *** empty log message ***
2005-04-01 Serge Steer to return Nan for position coordinates when xclick...
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray asin -> asinh (because macro asin does not exist anymor...
2005-04-01 Serge Steer bug besselh
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray new mark support
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray replace duplicated justify -> justify_text (thanks...
2005-04-01 Serge Steer To handle the window closing
2005-04-01 Serge Steer multiclick time temporarily set very small to avoid...
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray add missing ReleaseDC (bug was visible on trucks in...
2005-04-01 Pierre Marechal Fix a mistake in the ilib_for_link call
2005-04-01 Fabrice Leray remove beta version comment
2005-03-31 Allan Cornet Correction Whatis Probleme accents en Francais
2005-03-31 Farid Belahcene Change comments
2005-03-31 Farid Belahcene Add char.xml
2005-03-31 Farid Belahcene Add interp1.xml
2005-03-31 Pierre Marechal Fix a little bug about the creation of sciman.hhc
2005-03-31 Pierre Marechal relax a tolerance to be compatible with atlas library...
2005-03-31 Pierre Marechal Fix a mistake to take into account paths that countain...
2005-03-31 Ramine Nikoukhah bug serieux dans compilo concernant ordptr, on supprime...
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray fix example
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray add some TCL_UnsetVar
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray add some unset
2005-03-31 Pierre Marechal Library Atlas for Pentium IV (Prescott) modified
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray fix example ONLY under old graphic style mode
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray immediate_drawing replace visible setting on figure
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray surf replaced by Surf
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray little change in example
2005-03-31 Serge Steer bug in testresult and in besselh reference in case...
2005-03-31 Serge Steer to return NaN+NaN i for ierr=1
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray replace surf -> Surf
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray re-add surf (binary this time)
2005-03-31 Fabrice Leray remove
2005-03-31 Pierre Marechal Directory images added in man directory ( For the binar...
2005-03-31 Allan Cornet Remove old tcl TK interface
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet Correction Keys Up and Down Pressed and Released (but...
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray fluskEvent added at end of events1
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet desactivation double click
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray test on scipad interpreter existence
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray tksci -> tclsci
2005-03-30 Pierre Marechal A little mistake fixed
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet Add Message Error
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet Add Double Left Click Event
2005-03-30 Farid Belahcene Add coments
2005-03-30 Farid Belahcene Add case xi=[]
2005-03-30 Serge Steer User .scilab file localization changed
2005-03-30 Serge Steer Not to change the HOME definition for Unix
2005-03-30 Serge Steer go back to revision 1.17 for safety . a lot of code...
2005-03-30 Serge Steer pause instruction removed
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet Bug in postinstall fixed
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray pictures are now in SCI/man/images/graphics
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray pictures are now in SCI/man/images/graphics
2005-03-30 Fabrice Leray remove
2005-03-30 Allan Cornet Correction for compilation
2005-03-29 Serge Steer bug 1210 fixed
2005-03-29 Serge Steer not to reference TK when Scilab has been built with...
2005-03-29 Allan Cornet Update C Interface Recquired by a "developper"
2005-03-29 Serge Steer to limit number of digits in format to 25
2005-03-29 Serge Steer for click, double-click,... extension
2005-03-29 Serge Steer bug fixed following fix of a=[],a(1)
2005-03-29 Serge Steer bug fixed following fix of a=[],a(1)
2005-03-29 Serge Steer bug fixed following fix of a=[],a(1)
2005-03-29 Fabrice Leray fix ged after mouse double-clicked introduction
2005-03-29 Ramine Nikoukhah modif pour changement de xclick
2005-03-29 Serge Steer to make a=[], a([]) and a(1,:) or a(:,1) work as before
2005-03-29 Allan Cornet Correction property "value" and error message
2005-03-28 Allan Cornet correction for compilation
2005-03-26 Fabrice Leray fix bad reference to LinePropertySpec -> GlobalProperty
2005-03-26 Fabrice Leray fix bad index
2005-03-25 Farid Belahcene Add char array, modification of asciimat function