2006-12-11 Pierre Marechal Tagging the 4.1 release of Scilab 4.1
2006-12-11 Pierre Marechal Update version for scilab-4.1
2006-12-11 Pierre Marechal Update version for scilab-4.1
2006-12-11 Pierre Marechal Update version for scilab-4.1
2006-12-11 Allan Cornet update date url bugzilla
2006-12-08 Pierre Marechal Replace surf (a scilab keyword) by my_surface to preven...
2006-12-08 Jean-baptiste... For merge objects check visibilty of parents to know...
2006-12-08 Jean-baptiste... Create a single legend (not 2).
2006-12-08 Jean-baptiste... Correct an other bug when creating a file. The copy...
2006-12-08 Jean-baptiste... Correct bug 2166, line style propery may return 3 value...
2006-12-08 Pierre Marechal Replace text.foregound (old) by text.font_foregound...
2006-12-07 Jean-baptiste... Clarify some code.
2006-12-07 Ramine Nikoukhah small fixes to man pages
2006-12-07 Jean-baptiste... Add some comments.
2006-12-07 Jean-baptiste... Fix bug 2231.
2006-12-07 Jean-baptiste... Correct a harfmul warning (function not defined).
2006-12-07 Jean-baptiste... Force new graphic style. Otherwise a bug might occure.
2006-12-07 Pierre Marechal Add some comments
2006-12-06 Jean-baptiste... Legends lines are now straight.
2006-12-06 Serge Steer comments added
2006-12-06 Pierre Marechal Fix a bug for binary versions :
2006-12-06 Jean-baptiste... Previous commit were wrong debug so put back previous...
2006-12-06 Jean-baptiste... Define SHLIB_PATH instead of LD_LIBRARY_PATH under...
2006-12-06 Allan Cornet correction predefined variable (add %gui)
2006-12-06 Allan Cornet test correction pour H.P-UX
2006-12-06 Jean-baptiste... Forget last message. Put back old code since it seems...
2006-12-06 Jean-baptiste... (no commit message)
2006-12-05 Sylvestre Ledru Little bug with a debian under mips*
2006-12-05 Allan Cornet bug 2219
2006-12-05 Jean-baptiste... Change the parameters backup of Scilab windows. The...
2006-12-04 Jean-baptiste... Faster test.
2006-12-04 Serge Steer suppress redefinition warning
2006-12-04 Serge Steer bug with expression like u1 - u2 (spaces)
2006-12-04 Jean-baptiste... Correct a mistake.
2006-12-04 Jean-baptiste... Correct bug 2246. Merge objects are rebuild when handle...
2006-12-04 Ramine Nikoukhah missing help files for scicos blocks and some corrections
2006-12-04 Allan Cornet correction INCLUDE VS 2005 Express
2006-12-04 Ramine Nikoukhah suppress warnings - redefining getvalue
2006-12-04 Allan Cornet Correction detection Core 2 Duo
2006-12-03 Allan Cornet Disable MessageBox with a Warning when you quit Windows...
2006-12-02 Francois Vogel Fix for bug 2006
2006-12-01 Serge Steer bug on array dimension
2006-12-01 Serge Steer to take old xls version into account
2006-12-01 Serge Steer error handling
2006-11-30 Serge Steer bug ole_follow_minichain and ole_load_minichain
2006-11-30 Serge Steer sign handling forgotten in previous change
2006-11-30 Jean-baptiste... New colors for the console under Linux.
2006-11-30 Jean-baptiste... Fin de la version Farid.
2006-11-29 Jean-baptiste... Hommage à Farid.
2006-11-29 Jean-baptiste... Correct bug 2237.
2006-11-29 Serge Steer bug 1985 fix
2006-11-28 Serge Steer bug 1985 fix
2006-11-28 Jean-baptiste... Fix bug 2236. Some apparently old code was there.
2006-11-27 Allan Cornet Correction scilab_timer_check (Vista)
2006-11-24 Ramine Nikoukhah Masoud's correction of mode_save allocation + allow...
2006-11-23 Ramine Nikoukhah bug de compilation qd un bloc contient plusieurs sortie...
2006-11-22 Ramine Nikoukhah small error in the case of reinit
2006-11-21 Sylvestre Ledru Warning fix
2006-11-21 Sylvestre Ledru Warning fix
2006-11-21 Pierre Marechal Bad encoding fixed
2006-11-20 Alan Layec This file is no more needed
2006-11-20 Alan Layec Fix bug 2214
2006-11-20 Alan Layec Fix bug 2214
2006-11-20 Serge Steer bug avec try cacth imbriques, missing txt initialization
2006-11-20 Serge Steer Missing initialization, produce an error in basic_tests...
2006-11-20 Ramine Nikoukhah remove not used function
2006-11-20 Ramine Nikoukhah minimum window size is not respected under X iinsome...
2006-11-20 Serge Steer bug 1499 fix (thanks to Marco Pratesi )
2006-11-20 Alan Layec update routines of scicos with cast and external defini...
2006-11-17 Francois Vogel Scipad 6.0.fix2, tag BUILD_4
2006-11-17 Francois Vogel svn:eol-style native
2006-11-17 Ramine Nikoukhah make sure that a window does not pop open during the...
2006-11-17 Alan Layec fix unix format for modelica blocks (according to trunk)
2006-11-17 Allan Cornet Correction memory leak on readxls (Purify)
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet correction warning
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet svn-ignore
2006-11-16 Alan Layec remove some blocks which are in double
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet add a exception on FREE to catch some problem ...
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet split all functions definitions on scicos in scicos...
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet scicos.fundef added in routines/scicos
2006-11-16 Ramine Nikoukhah optimize ndcost to avoid useless gradient evaluations
2006-11-16 Ramine Nikoukhah initialization of ni was more consistent before
2006-11-16 Allan Cornet remove ref to s...ab-GTK not required
2006-11-15 Serge Steer In some case matlab dimensions my be integer, fix...
2006-11-15 Serge Steer missing function used by loadmatfile
2006-11-15 Jean-baptiste... Remove the use of the BCG of a window after closing it.
2006-11-15 Jean-baptiste... Initialize values in Scicos and correct the bouncing...
2006-11-15 Ramine Nikoukhah import Rec.c from scilab-gtk to speed up
2006-11-15 Ramine Nikoukhah removing GPL code
2006-11-15 Ramine Nikoukhah changes imported from scilab-gtk to make scicos work...
2006-11-15 Ramine Nikoukhah singularity was not correctly detected in inverse block
2006-11-15 Ramine Nikoukhah allow the discrete transfer function to be a constant
2006-11-14 Ramine Nikoukhah define %scicos_simulate so that when diagram is compile...
2006-11-14 Alan Layec remove scicos_new
2006-11-13 Serge Steer errcatch modes lost if a pause is called
2006-11-13 Serge Steer To fix help text position
2006-11-13 Jean-baptiste... Correct bug 2218.
2006-11-10 Jean-baptiste... Correct part of bug 2210 (3d part).
2006-11-10 Pierre Marechal Fix a mistake on my part
2006-11-09 Allan Cornet update for Scilab 4.1 RC 1