2008-04-24 Vincent Couvert Add releaseTclInterp() calls to avoid freeze 5.0-beta-1
2008-04-24 Vincent Couvert Bug 2960 fix
2008-04-24 Jean-baptiste... Add message about figure rotation
2008-04-24 Sylvestre Ledru moved because used elsewhere
2008-04-24 Pierre Marechal - Fix a bug using line stipple.
2008-04-24 Vincent Couvert Removed slashes have to be added after translation
2008-04-24 Pierre Marechal Update the graphics section
2008-04-23 Allan Cornet split file (Windows only)
2008-04-23 Allan Cornet remove pause & disp
2008-04-23 Sylvestre Ledru spelling
2008-04-23 Sylvestre Ledru Yann work, localization, etc
2008-04-23 Vincent Couvert Menus localization error
2008-04-23 Vincent Couvert take localization into account for menus delete actions
2008-04-23 Sylvestre Ledru dead code(?)
2008-04-23 Vincent Couvert Update for Beta
2008-04-23 Vincent Couvert Remove uicontrols not implemented features note
2008-04-23 Vincent Couvert Wrong menu label in the loop
2008-04-23 Pierre Marechal localization
2008-04-23 Pierre Marechal Localization
2008-04-22 Pierre Marechal Sub directories in unit_tests is now available
2008-04-22 Pierre Marechal Create the 5.0 beta-1 tag
2008-04-22 Sylvestre Koumar create special color interpolation for fec objects.
2008-04-22 Vincent Couvert Localization
2008-04-22 Simone Mannori for beta release. By LS_d_
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste... Remove obsolete printing help.
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste... Modify xbasmimp to use printFigure.
2008-04-22 Pierre Marechal Update the help system section
2008-04-22 Laurent VAYLET Updated Scicos test framework
2008-04-22 Vincent Couvert Localization update
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste... Update added and removed functions.
2008-04-22 Jean-baptiste... Remove some files.
2005-03-16 Allan Cornet add test bug 1454
2005-03-16 Jean-baptiste... Remove xs2fig.
2005-03-16 Allan Cornet bug 1391
2005-03-16 Allan Cornet add macros (.iss)
2008-04-22 Allan Cornet add test bug 2107
2008-04-22 Allan Cornet bug 1540
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet bug 1540 display %nan & %inf
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet svn-ignore
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet TO BUILD on Windows
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Add mnemonic management for localization
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru comestic
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru Replace & by & in localization file
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru Confusion about the LC_MESSAGES
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Errors...
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Modified for localization
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Tooltiptext localization
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Menus and toolbar fr_FRlocalization
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Add tooltiptext detection in XML files
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet oups (bug 1315 and not 1275)
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet add test bug 1275
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet to build on windows x64 (release)
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... Fix hanging when exporting file via menubar.
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... Move help of xinit/xend/driver from graphics to graphic...
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru extract also string from xml files...
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru Right syntax in order to be processed by gettext
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... Remove some files.
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... syntax error.
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... Remove xinit/xend/driver primitives and create macros...
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet (no commit message)
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet bug 2795 test
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Merge some messages
2008-04-21 Vincent Couvert Add quit extension
2008-04-21 Jean-baptiste... Add graphic_pexort in library path.
2008-04-21 Sylvestre Ledru Flags only activated from Linux ... Were causing issues...
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet add test bug 2775
2008-04-21 Allan Cornet warnings (windows)
2008-04-21 Simone Mannori pixmap is now OFF everywhere in Scicos
2008-04-21 Pierre Marechal Fix bad encoding
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Prepare messages for localization
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Enable menus
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Add function printfigure
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Add function printfigure
2008-04-20 Serge Steer missing overloaging functions for struct comparisons
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Mnemonic attributes replaced by &
2008-04-20 Vincent Couvert Enable Page Setup and Print Menu
2008-04-20 Allan Cornet dependency all ant project on localization-ant project...
2008-04-19 Sylvestre Ledru Localization is now compiled before io
2008-04-19 Vincent Couvert apropos function is now available with new Java help...
2008-04-18 Serge Steer incorrect length in getConvertedNameFromStack
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bug 2083 fix, thanks to B. Pincon
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bug 2083 fix, thanks to B. Pincon
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Add some files.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Update changes about xlcea and xaxis.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Finish to remove xaxis.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Remove xaxis primitive and add clear_pixmap one (wich...
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bugs 2573 1949 2101 fixed, (the Q matrix was supposed...
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Add some files.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Remove xclea routine and replaced it by show_pixmap.
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bug 2161 fixed
2008-04-18 Antoine Elias add in stack3
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Commit Allan's adding of fonts similar to Scilab 4.
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bug 2203 fixed
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Remove unused pixmap mode.
2008-04-18 Jean-baptiste... Create a hack to make pixmap mode working.
2008-04-18 Serge Steer bug 2577 fixed
2008-04-18 Allan Cornet bug 2891
2008-04-18 Serge Steer reference to add_profiling added
2008-04-18 Serge Steer profiling functions added to replace obsoleted getf...
2008-04-18 Allan Cornet add test bug 2891