2008-07-23 Pierre Marechal Create the 5.0 beta-4 tag 5.0-beta-4
2008-07-23 Sylvestre Ledru Test of feval from Ma. Cristina R. Bargo
2008-07-23 Sylvestre Ledru Typo and minor updates
2008-07-23 Sylvestre Ledru update + cosmetic
2008-07-23 Laurent VAYLET Updated Scicos section
2008-07-22 Sylvestre Ledru With the author
2008-07-22 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the RELEASE NOTES
2008-07-22 Sylvestre Ledru Update of the RELEASE NOTES
2008-07-22 Jean-baptiste... Update release notes and changes.
2008-07-22 Sylvestre Ledru Extremly weird bug. Was causing a seg fault in some...
2008-07-22 Vincent Couvert Initialize output variable
2008-07-22 Allan Cornet update .ref
2008-07-22 Allan Cornet remove test if fileExist
2008-07-22 Vincent Couvert Bug 3231 fixed
2008-07-22 Michael Baudin Added a note about the limitation of the absolute toler...
2008-07-22 Michael Baudin Update the unit test so that it matches the implementat...
2008-07-22 Jean-baptiste... Unused import.
2008-07-22 Jean-baptiste... Disable isoview on Z axis when in 2D view.
2008-07-22 Laurent VAYLET Added missing mechanical demo files
2008-07-22 Allan Cornet bug 3301
2008-07-21 Jean-baptiste... Fix bug 2838.
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet update .ref
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet update .ref
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet add .ref
2008-07-21 Laurent VAYLET Fix missing variable name (stupid unknown keyboard...
2008-07-21 Simon Lipp don't ignore hidden files in DeleteDirectory
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet warnings (windows)
2008-07-21 Vincent Couvert Bug 3257 fixed.
2008-07-21 Sylvestre Ledru Typo
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet remove temp. variables on stack @ start-up
2008-07-21 Laurent VAYLET Color of GOTO/FROM blocks can now be changed at will...
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet add ru_RU support
2008-07-21 Allan Cornet fix #ifdef (windows)
2008-07-20 Sylvestre Ledru Applied patch by Yung-Jang Lee to fix some bug
2008-07-20 Sylvestre Ledru Traditional Chinese (taiwan) localization added
2008-07-18 Francois Vogel typo...
2008-07-18 Francois Vogel Try to clarify further (bug 2161) by removing the misle...
2008-07-18 Sylvestre Ledru * Russian localization by Vorona Aleksey <voronaam...
2008-07-18 Sylvestre Ledru ant build of the localization was done for each languag...
2008-07-18 Sylvestre Ledru * No longer explicitly link against lib which should...
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet bug 3294
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet update .ref
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet add .ref
2008-07-18 Michael Baudin Test for bug #3290
2008-07-18 Bruno Jofret Remove some setSize.
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet bug 3260
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet remove symbols not used (windows)
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet warnings (x64)
2008-07-18 Bruno Jofret Remove JPanel and JFrame. GLCanvas is no more visible.
2008-07-18 Laurent VAYLET Fix for "-debug-kdbg" (KDBG does not take any input...
2008-07-18 Allan Cornet to build scilab
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3272 fixed
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3271 fixed
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3271 fixed
2008-07-17 Serge Steer typo
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3283 partial fix
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3283 partial fix
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3283 partial fix
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3283 partial fix
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3283 partial fix
2008-07-17 Serge Steer bug 3289 fix
2008-07-17 Bruno Jofret One step further to accelerted GLHybrid.
2008-07-17 Michael Baudin Updated the expected value for the unit test.
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet build only if exists
2008-07-17 Vincent Couvert Unitary tests for uigetcolor
2008-07-17 Sylvestre Ledru Header changed + code cleanup
2008-07-17 Vincent Couvert Add optional title to uigetcolor.
2008-07-17 Vincent Couvert Update for localisation + obsolete functions replaced
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet disables messagebox (windows release mode)
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet remove display
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet update .ref (windows)
2008-07-17 Michael Baudin Added nonreg tests for bug #1456 (not fixed yet)
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet bug 3288
2008-07-17 Pierre Marechal Set svn:eol-style to native
2008-07-17 Michael Baudin Test case for bug #1657
2008-07-17 Allan Cornet check memory allocation + split tests (special cases...
2008-07-17 Bruno Jofret Do some strcat instead of huge MALLOC then FREE...
2008-07-16 Laurent VAYLET Fixed some errors in localization
2008-07-16 Laurent VAYLET Replaced TK_GETCOLOR with brand new XGETCOLOR (simple...
2008-07-16 Pierre Marechal hot_colormap => hotcolormap
2008-07-16 Pierre Marechal update the reference (see rev 25921)
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet non regression test 3280
2008-07-16 Pierre Marechal - Fix bug 3279 :
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet bug 3280
2008-07-16 Bruno Jofret Backgroundcolor is dedicated to uicontrol.
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet fix tests module sound (x64)
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet warning (windows)
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet tests about sound module failed on Windows (fixed)
2008-07-16 Serge Steer auto.tst replace by unit tests: bode.tst dscr.tst ...
2008-07-16 Serge Steer function definition and help file made coherent + unit...
2008-07-16 Serge Steer bug fix in freq, state space case, real f
2008-07-16 Enrico Segre 2 words
2008-07-16 Sylvestre Ledru fflags added (closed #3140)
2008-07-16 Laurent VAYLET Added some comments
2008-07-16 Allan Cornet add test on length
2008-07-15 Francois Vogel Scipad 6.150
2008-07-15 Pierre Marechal Fix tests
2008-07-15 Pierre Marechal Add the following tags :
2008-07-15 Pierre Marechal - split matsys.tst
2008-07-15 Allan Cornet update test